A collection of thoughts, sounds, and sights from my life.
I assume that you're a very intelligent and curious man. Someone who loves hard.

I honestly don’t know how to respond to either of those! I mean, I like to think I’m somewhat intelligent in that a lot of different things interest me and I love to learn. As for loving hard, I can be a little intense sometimes…

Hello I now have short hair and I don’t even care
Where I’d rather be 🌳🌿🌲#wheenycreek
Hello I am camping
Greetings from Wheeny Creek!
Anddddddd we are off again vol. 3! See y’all in three days #camping

Gustaf Fjaestad
Winter colours are nice as well #winter #australia #marrickville
Getting ready for the journey into the wild! #life #camping

Joseph Noel Paton     The Questing Knight